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The difference between coins and enterprises custom commemorative coin

 National coins by the People’s Bank of China issued a commemorative precious metal currency, the main material is gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metal or alloy. Enterprises and institutions customized medal commemorative coins are also called, is a commemoration of units issued by itself, does not have a monetary value.

The difference between coins and enterprises custom commemorative coin

(Figure: State issued $ 10 Panda commemorative coins)

The difference between coins and enterprises custom commemorative coin

(Figure: listed companies custom commemorative coins)

Here is the next major difference between the properties of commemorative coins of these two types of it!

Subject property: Country coins more humanities events, rare animals, cultural heritage, etc, when it comes to major political and historical themes must be reported to the State Council for approval. Example: Panda commemorative coins, commemorative coins Huangshan. Enterprises, custom commemorative coins on the theme revolves around the theme of the memorial, there is a need to commemorate commemorative coins to make the theme very clearly targeted, the main focus of their own enterprises. Example: companies listed memorial, to commemorate the opening ceremony.

Denomination properties: state-issued commemorative coins with denomination is the value of enterprises and custom commemorative coin denomination is not allowed, otherwise violated.

Design attributes: a pattern here that is coin design style, in fact, these two types of commemorative coins to commemorate the significance of patterns are based on departure, so this pattern is consistent with the property.

Material properties: commemorative coins issued by the State in the material are strict requirements, in full accordance with the official standard to make out. When enterprises make commemorative coins will take into account their own situation to determine the enterprises making material selection.

Specifications property: two types of commemorative coins in the above specification is standard requirements, more stringent national point of commemorative coins relative enterprises and institutions, enterprises and institutions coins might make some changes based on certain factors.

Issue Number: Print the number of commemorative coins issued by the State is limited, and enterprises will likely increase circulation depending on the situation.

Release date: state-issued commemorative coins are accurate release date, enterprises and institutions custom commemorative coins issued is no exact time or more in the year to commemorate the happening time as the standard.

Manufacturer: Country of commemorative coins are designated by the State Mint to accomplish. The enterprises of commemorative coins produced mainly themselves to find some suitable commemorative coins make businesses to negotiate, watch design, see samples, to production. And that national production of commemorative coins will generally add some anti-counterfeiting technology on the production process since the difference between coins with authenticity, while enterprises are generally rarely used this anti-counterfeiting technology.

Through the above properties of some coins, I think we can be very simple to distinguish commemorative coins issued by the State and enterprises custom commemorative coins difference it!