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Silver medals surface dirt how to do?

Some friends collection of purchased goods with poor silver medals, they always want to get dressed pretty little face in the dirt found coins, often used to clean gold, silver jewelry way to clean, in fact, for these silver medals, generally do not take any measures to enable him to continue intact on the line, the blind pursuit of its “clean as new,” it is not desirable. Of course, to get him up pretty, is not no way, are briefly described as follows: Silver medal cleaning method, cleaning method depends primarily on the silver medal in Chapter oxidized degree and fineness. If the high silver content of the silver medal by just slightly oxidized, it is best to use aqueous ammonia solution was added sodium carbonate solution to prepare a paste and toothpaste to clean, or eating a small amount of white vinegar against the water, the silver medals into its solution soak a few minutes, the solution can also be used cotton balls dipped gently wipe the surface of the coins, coins until the surface oxide layer is dissolved with water rinse.

During the cleaning process Remember the following points:

1, can not be too thick sulfuric acid, nitric acid solution;

2, can not use a toothbrush, brushing sand paper batch;

3, decontamination solution to the remaining money will be washed out to dry. It should be noted, will be cleaned once every silver medals for credits more or less damage, the last resort, generally do not easily cleaned. Generally usually buy silver medals have saved the housing, a good case can also protect the good preservation!