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Medals, medals made Precautions

Need to make a medal, it means that there will be medals talents come to the fore and make unremitting efforts, in order to encourage them as they leave a good memorable we have established exclusive personality medal, medals. Jingmei excellent gift can help you accomplish this daunting task:

First, custom medals, medals we will consider the budget. Under conditions sufficient budget, we can consider your focus on materials, specifications, meaning, the contents of all activities may be implemented on medals, medals. If the budget is low, we will strive to important information reflected in the medals, medals can be. A small medal, medal for the winner, is to witness a growing tempered, a profound life experience, life in the glory of proof.

Secondly, medals, medals colors and shapes are also worthy of study. If only reward the top three, it may be represented by only three gold, silver color. If the reward is a larger number, it is recommended rank engraved on medals, medals. Take the first three are different colors, ranking behind both a uniform color.

Further, in addition to medals, medals production, there is a very important part of that contact medals, medals tape. Especially tape and chapter awards, medals docking ring, this must be done securely, because a medal, medal winners is invaluable, hoping to properly saved, souvenir generations proud.

Finally, medals, medals production, as soon as possible to determine the details finalized, factory production will take time, in case of a busy period, production scheduling needs, it is difficult to catch in an emergency goods for other customers, each batch of goods shipped there hurry reasons. Before mass production required to do the best patterns to confirm correct then mass production. General production cycle for 15-20 days, proofing almost this time.