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Medal of history and the role

 Medal of Honor is a carrier, is something outstanding contribution to the people a form of recognition. According to relevant data records medal first appeared in the 17th century, in 1632 the Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus to reward meritorious officers attend NürnbergMesse produced gold medal. At the time when the medal is relatively simple, it is slowly broken down to the later, and every country and the establishment of a number of different sectors of medals for recognition, becoming a medal to prove to contribute to people’s honor.

Medal of history and the role

(Figure: Outstanding Service Medal)

Today, we do see more Medal Games medal, sports medals are divided into gold, silver, copper corresponding to the first, second, third. Medal has always been delicate and precious as the theme, so most of the medal we see their materials are metal series, and designs are also very beautiful and medals of honor gives the feeling is very strong.

Also known as medal medals, most of the medals are circular or polygonal into a round, metal-based material is also produced, but mostly relief medallion pattern-based, hand to touch when it is there bump feeling, three-dimensional sense is very strong.

With China’s economic development is now faster and faster, people’s living and consumption levels are also increasing number of spiritual activities is also increasing. Whether business, activity unit, so there will be some community activities, medals applications are also increasingly widespread, the medal of the style gradually changed somewhat, in the work it is technically more mature. Now many businesses are making medals medals formed a complete production system, and also to make a better medal.

Each one medal for medal winners of the meaning and are precious, so whether it is in the honor of hosting the perspective or the collection is concerned, we should respect each medal responded with the mentality, which is respect for medalist!